KPAC Engineering Plastics

KPAC (Korea Polyacetal Co. Ltd.) was formed in 2022 following a joint venture involving Celanese, MGC and KEP.

KEP will be focused on manufacturing and they will continue to produce the full portfolio of high quality products solely for its shareholders Celanese and MGC.

KEP was the first company to produce polyacetal resin in Korea with the first commercial production in 1988 under the brand name “KEPITAL®”.

KEPITAL® materials offer well balanced physical and mechanical properties with a powerful combination of highly crystalline and thermally stable structures. KEPITAL® provides excellent resistance to various chemicals and has a wide processing window with low mould deposits compared to competitor materials.

Injection & Extrusion Product Portfolio:

  • Standard
  • High strength
  • UV resistant
  • Conductive
  • Anti-Static
  • Impact Modified
  • Reinforced & filled
  • Friction & Wear
  • Low Emission (LOF)
  • Homopolymer

Product feature – KEPITAL LOF & M LOF Grades

KEPITAL is a leading brand in the field of low emission (LOF) Acetal grades for automotive interior applications. Unfilled LOF grades are controlled with VDA275 values of <2ppm.

Using innovative technologies, a new low formaldehyde emission POM copolymer “ M LOF series” is available that meets food contact requirements under FDA 21 CFR 177.2470 and EU 10/2011. This development provides a new solution to cosmetic packaging and food industry applications.