Ponachem Compound GmbH

With over 50 years experience Ponachem Compound GmbH develops, produces and sells high quality industry compounds for the extrusion and injection moulding markets.

Extensive experience alongside the latest technology serve to reach the quality standards demanded by customers.

Under the Ponacom brand the focus is on three core polymer types where a comprehensive grade range with properties close to those of prime materials are available

Product Quality is guaranteed:

  • Use of high quality raw materials
  • Integrated quality management according to ISO 9001
  • Flexible production and delivery service
  • Specialised staff to advise on individual material requirements

Product Portfolio

  • Ponacom Polyethylene compounds for pipe and extrusion applications in black
  • Ponacom Polystyrene for injection and extrusion, from industrial black to deep black
  • Ponacom ABS standard, easy flow,  and high impact grades for injection and extrusion in deep black