Sustainable Materials

Legislation changes, climate change and the drive to reduce the carbon footprint of products is increasing the impetus to use bio based, biodegradable and recycled polymers. Bioplastic alternatives now exist for many conventional plastic materials.

Our material portfolio includes:

  • Biodegradable
  • Natural fibre compounds
  • Cellulose compounds
  • PLA blends
  • Green PE compounds
  • PVOH (water soluble)
  • Oxo biodegradable
  • Mechanical recycled
  • Chemical recycled
  • Bio based
  • Bio-mass balanced

The above products are supplied as either a compound or an additive.

Product Focus – Green Solutions

Key Features:

  • 100% bio-based
  • Commodity polymer based
  • Styrenic polymer based
  • Engineering polymer based
  • Grades for injection, extrusion & blow moulding
  • UL ECV, TUV & carbon footprint certifications


  • Packaging e.g. detergent casings
  • Films and foils
  • Caps and closures
  • Electronic housings
  • Automotive components