Ngai Hing Hong

Ngai Hing Engineering Plastic was founded in 1997 to manufacture and sell custom made engineering plastics under the registered trade name Spectron™ .

The business has production sites in Hong Kong, Dong Guan and Shanghai with a combined production capacity of 40,000 mt/year

NHEP Product Portfolio

  • Beautiful High Performance Resins
    Polyamide, Polypropylene and PBT with glass fibre & superior surface finish
  • Eco Green Line
    Organic Fibre Composite Resins with authentic wood appearance available in ABS, PP and TPE polymers
  • New Generation TPE’s
    Overmoulding grades, PVC replacement, food contact and high strength grades
  • Engineering Polypropylene
    Low warpage, low stress whitening, and flame retardant grades
  • Innovative EP Resins
    Glass fibre reinforcement across a range of polymers, transparent and super tough Polyamides, electrically conductive and heat conductive polymers, EPS, super tough POM, mPPO and high specific gravity polymers

NHEP are an innovative company prepared to adapt existing standard products to meet specific application demands or custom develop materials to keep pace with changing polymer requirements.  Their small team of highly trained R&D staff bring their ingenuity to the laboratory and come out with cutting edge results.