Taro Plast

Taro Plast started in 1978 as an ABS colour compounding facility. The business quickly expanded to become one of the first Italian Compounders to specialise in the compounding of PA6, PA66, PC, PC alloys, PBT and PET products.

Utilising its technical competence Taro Plast developed its Polypropylene compounding facility in the early 1990’s.

A full range of high performance, reinforced, flame retardant and special reinforced grades were made available, offering competitive alternatives to polyamides and other engineering plastics. Taro Plast would go onto expand in this area by the introduction of its LGF-PP Taroforce (long glass fibre-PP) in 2015.

Taro Plast rounded out their portfolio with the set-up of a new division concentrating on the production of Thermoplastic Elastomers. The range covers SBS, SEBS as well as TPV products.

Taro Plast’s technical expertise and commitment to new product innovation across all the main industry sectors enables the creation of more than 1000 new product formulations each year.

TaroPlast Product Portfolio

  • PA6 & PA66 – Taromid
  • PC – Tarolon
  • ABS – Tarodor & Nilsan
  • PBT & PET – Tarolox
  • PC/ABS – Taroblend
  • PC/PET – Taroloy
  • SBS – Niflex S
  • SEBS – Niflex SH
  • TPE-V – Taroprene
  • PP LGF – Taroforce
  • PC/PBT – Taroloy
  • ABS/PA – Technoblend