Product Focus – LG Chem – LETZero – Sustainable Engineering Products

LG Chem is the 1st Korean chemical company to declare 100% carbon neutral growth and RE (Renewable Energy) by 2050. The Company has launched its first eco-friendly brand, LETZero.

LETZero means helping zero environmental footprints and reaching net-zero carbon emissions by combining ‘Let + Zero’.

It is a master brand that integrates LG Chem’s eco-friendly products, such as ‘recycled products’ made from plastic waste, ‘bio-based materials’ made from renewable sources; vegetable and ‘biodegradable products’ made from corn, glucose and waste glyceryl.


The LG Portfolio of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) PC and PC/ABS LUPOY ER materials (LG Chem’s PCR brand name) can be formulated with up to 90% recycled content whilst retaining a material performance comparable to its all-virgin LUPOY equivalent.

Lifecycle analysis (LCA) has proven favourable environmental impacts. The LCA tool compared the difference in carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions, energy and water consumption to that of its virgin equivalent and in all cases LUPOY Environmentally Recycled grades resulted in a more sustainable solution with up to 30-40% less carbon footprint.


The LG Chem sustainable LETZero product portfolio comprises

  • Mechanical Recycled (PC, PC/ABS)
  • Chemical Recycled (PC, PC/ABS, PBT, TPEE)
  • Bio-Based (PBT, TPEE, PA56 [PA66 replacement])
  • Bio-Mass Balanced (PC, PC/ABS)

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